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If you are looking to practice yoga in a friendly and encouraging environment, where you can thrive as an individual and work at your own pace, then you’re in the right place. My students are a mix of curious beginners and advanced students looking to further their practice, and everybody is welcome!

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what my students say

  • Karina makes yoga accessible to everyone! There is no competition. Also I love the aspect of the classes having spiritual yet developing body strength focus. Best yoga classes ever!
  • I can absolutely recommend Yoga with Karina! I have been going to the classes twice a week for about two years and I enjoyed every single class. Karina caters for all levels and needs and there is always something new to learn. I can honestly say that I deepend my practice through Karina's classes. Plus, she is super nice and caring. Her Yoga retreats are also great, with lots of awesome yoga sessions, nice chats with the other yoginis and amazing food.
  • Practicing with Karina is one of the things I miss most about being in Prague. Her calming presence combined with her extensive knowledge provide the perfect environment for a soothing and invigorating break in the day!
  • Thank you Karina!! Once again you saw right into my heart and mind and knew just what I needed.
  • Big hug to you and thank you for taking care of my body, heart and mind tonight.
  • I just wanted to express my gratitude. I'm so grateful for everything you do. Your classes mean so much to me, especially in the last year when things are really strange and difficult to deal with sometimes.
  • Your classes are amazing treats Karina, I would recommend them over and over.
  • I just wanted to say again how much I loved Thursday's lunchtime class. It was like you were inside my head. Everything - the physical practice and the accompanying verbal guidance about standing strong, claiming space and the balance of strength and kindness was exactly what I needed yesterday. Bulls eye! :)
  • Just wanted to write and say how much I’ve been enjoying all the series you’ve done this past year and especially this latest one on the chakras! Feeling great after yesterday and today’s classes!
  • Loved working up to the pose, LOVED story time! And honestly I laughed so much! It was so awesome!!!! Thank you!!!
  • Nice class. I can always count on you to intuitively teach a class in whatever it is that I need.
  • Karina, I just wanted to thank you once more, your classes are just wonderful..such a great treat for body and soul!
  • Thank you so much for lifting my shoulders and my spirits yesterday :-)
  • I loved this lesson. I think moving meditation is for me. I realized that I like slow movement very much. I feel very grateful that I found you.
  • I was so happy to be back on the mat last night and loved the class - really filled my heart after quite a hard week.
  • Thank you so much for class today Karina! I thought after so many months that classes would be predictable but I was so wrong this was amazing.
  • I have a sore butt 😊😊😊
  • I love it so much. Just finished my Saturday class and I feel at peace with the world.
  • Thank you for yesterday, I was levitating for the rest of the day!
  • You are amazing! Thank you!!!!!
  • Looking forward to tomorrow! You honestly always give me a wonderful start to my weekend!
  • You are the teacher who made me love yoga :)
  • I have been dealing with awful shoulder pain for two months. Physio, creams, massage...nothing. and gone with the wind, the breath of your words!
  • Really enjoyed that class! I've been so tired this week and thought it was going to be tough to get through but it actually energized me and made me feel better. Thank you!
  • Thank you Karina! Beautiful, wholesome practice tonight. I just love the evening sessions so much.
  • Thank you it was perfect, just what i needed!
  • I LOVED that session Karina. All my favourite poses and it was so good for my back and shoulders. Thank you!
  • I found it hard to focus in the beginning but then I realized I had been totally engrossed as the class came to an end and I thought we were still at the beginning!
  • Thank you so much for lifting my shoulders and my spirits yesterday :-)
  • Thank you! I feel like a new woman!!!
  • Thank you Karina for the class this morning - your yoga is definitely keeping me going just now!!
  • Can’t believe how quickly that went by! Thanks for a lovely class!
  • Lovely class today; my shoulders and lower back loved all of the attention. Thank you! Did you notice - the sun came out and was streaming onto my mat right at the end? I take that as a very positive sign from the universe. :)
  • I loved Thursday’s class! All the shoulder and back stretches and twists are very good for my technology induced aches and pains.
  • I just wanted to say thank you -- classes have been terrific, and I find myself thinking more about my posture and alignment during the week in between classes.
  • Hi Karina, I just wanted to share with you that for me today's class was absolutely amazing! I loved every part of it and it got me exactly what my body needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you
  • I just wanted to pop up here and tell you how much I enjoyed yesterday's class! I never thought transitions can be so much fun! Actually I can not wait for Saturdays class so thank you!
  • AWESOME CLASS! What a workout! I feel relaxed and sweaty haha Thank you!
  • Hi Karina I have to share that usually on Sunday nights I have to take melatonin to sleep as I tend to stress in advance for the upcoming work week. Since I started the Sunday classes with you: no melatonin I sleep like a BABY!!
  • Hi Karina, I know I am writing to you about it quite often lately, but I still wanted to share with you how much I love your classes, your approach and all your energy bringing to it! Your every class takes me on amazing journey to explore myself and I do not know how you even do this, but every single class is so unique but still has your true essence of amazingness! Yesterday;s class was absolutely a treat for me. I never thought how drishti influences so much and reflects even in real life. The moment you said about looking through the ceiling, and through the walls I felt so incredibly empowered and truly honoured to be able to practise with you. Something shifted yesterday and in my post practise savasana I had the biggest release of my life. To try your classes in 2017 was one of the best decisions of my life - truly. Thank you for being authentic you and thank you for changing your students' lives. (I am sure there is more of us!)
  • Thank you for this week, it was very interesting to see how my mantra influenced what I concentrated on, and therefore my practice. Your classes are always such a breather.
  • Such a beautiful practice today, Karina. Thank you for inviting us to lead with our heart and giving us the opportunity to give.
  • Oh goodness I absolutely loved today’s session! I woke up grumpy with a headache and Internet issues about ten minutes before class and was about to give up and go back to bed, but I’m so glad I reset our router and made it! My feet (and body and mind!) are so happy now.
  • I was meaning to email to you say how great the classes are, I'm learning so much! Your instructions are so detailed and precise, and whenever I'm not sure about a movement or pose you seem to read my mind and say something which explains it. I also love how the lessons build on one another. Thanks for being such a wonderful teacher!

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