Remember: Don’t take life too seriously

I began practicing yoga because I couldn’t spell Pilates, but quickly came to appreciate the benefits of the practice – increased flexibility of body, peace of mind, and free tea.

I took my first class at age 18, following a groin injury sustained at a Guns N’ Roses concert (don’t ask). I soon discovered that yoga was both a source of enjoyment and a way to find peace and balance. That’s really what kept bringing me back to the mat. And that’s what I most enjoy sharing with my students.

Like my students, I’m still figuring out this whole yoga thing myself. I’ve been teaching yoga for years, but I’m still learning. I strive for the highest levels of professionalism, but I still manage to mix my left and right up at least once a class. Thankfully yoga has also taught me humility, self-acceptance and humour, so you can expect occasional swearing, a few (bad) jokes, and for me to trip over my own feet from time to time.

I’m from the UK, but I’ve been teaching yoga in Prague since 2010. My style is best described as adaptive Hatha yoga – which is a fancy way of saying that I specialise in planning classes and modifying poses based on the needs of the individual.

Everybody’s practice looks different. I want you to ask and listen, try and fail, fly and fall. Ultimately, I don’t care if you don’t know your astavakrasana from your vrksasana, but I do care that you walk out of class with your head high, ready to unleash your good yoga feelings on the world.


My classes typically involve flowing sun salutations to warm and energise the body, combined with standing, seated and reclining poses to gently stretch and strengthen. A focus on breathing and meditation enables students to develop self awareness, reflection and contentment.

Each class typically has a theme, which may be working towards a specific challenging pose or sequence, learning how to manage stress, or dealing with back pain. Much of my inspiration comes from my students – I love to hear what you’re most interested in working on.

I aim to create a warm and friendly environment in which students can practice safely and comfortably. All levels of practitioners are welcome, from beginners to advanced. Pregnant and postnatal students can also join my classes, please email me first for more details.


The short answer – it’s for everybody! If you want to build up a sweat and enjoy an intense practice, you can. If you want to move so softly that you can clearly hear your inner voice, you can. Each class offers challenging flows, holds and balances, as well as quieter, more contemplative moments, with plenty of rest when you need it. Throughout my classes, I teach you how to have an open and honest discourse with yourself, to help you choose what’s right for you in the moment. Confused? Don’t be. Just come and try it for yourself .


One piece of feedback I hear time and again – the people in my classes are real. Not supermodels, circus performers and athletes (although they’re welcome too!) but real bodies, of all shapes, sizes and genders, working together with one common goal – to feel strong, healthy and ready to meet whatever life throws at us. So wherever you are in your practice, you’ll find a home in my classes.

By the way, all classes are held in my native language of English, but I also speak Czech, Russian and French in case you need some help with the trickier terms.