a little about me

I began practicing yoga many, many years ago. I don’t remember much
from my first class, other than waking up from sawasana at the end and
wondering where I was and what just happened! I knew then I was on to
something special, but little did I know that yoga would soon become
my constant companion, something I wouldn’t stop doing, writing about,
talking about, until I drove everyone around me crazy! It has taken me
around the world, with a host of inspiring teachers and fellow
students, but most of all, yoga has brought me back to myself, and
made me truly at home in my body.

Now, a few things you should know about me –  I’m originally from
England, and I have been teaching yoga and meditation in Prague since
2010. Despite teaching yoga for years, I still manage to mix my left
and right up at least once a class. Thankfully yoga has also taught me
not to take life too seriously, so you can expect occasional swearing,
a few (bad) jokes and true acceptance of every body. Nowadays yoga is
helping me to manage a long-term Nutella addiction (it’s a work in

I welcome beginners and advanced students, as well as students with
all manner of injuries and health conditions, offering modifications
and adjustments to ensure that everyone gets what they need from the
class. For me, yoga is not about perfecting poses; I don’t care if you
don’t know your astavakrasana from your vrksasana, but I will help you
leave each class a little kinder, stronger and happier version of
yourself. And as a trained yoga therapist, I help students find
freedom from the pain and stresses of modern life, and sprinkle a
little magic into their everyday lives ✨